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Snooker and pool table services UK wide

We provide a variety of snooker and pool table services across the UK.

We have installed, recovered and reconditioned tables for well-known celebrities, footballers and snooker professionals - our commitment to quality and industry excellence is demonstrated through our workmanship.

We also offer LARGE discounts for snooker halls and clubs and we will always aim to beat your existing deal.

Our services include:

- Reclothing / Pockets / Slate and Cushion Repairs / Replacement

- Table Installation

- Table Delivery

- Table Dismantling

- Table Maintenance

- Table Reconditioning

Reclothing / Pockets / Slate and Cushion Repairs / Replacement

We cater for bespoke cloths as well as more traditional ones, simply contact us with your requirements.

If your table cushions have poor bounce, are worn out or are simply no longer performing well, we can prolong their life by repairing or replacing them to professional standards.

Snooker Direct supply a full range of timber or steel block cushions for your snooker tables and we also renovate existing snooker cushions. At your request we can reshape and recover your cushions on site or repair them in our workshop and return at a later date to refit them.

Snooker Direct purchases cloth direct from the mill and other materials direct from manufacturers so we are able to pass these savings on to you.

We can also install temporary loan cushions so your tables can continue to be used while the repairs are taking place.

Table Installation

Our professional snooker table installers have worked in hundreds of snooker and pool halls, community centres, working mens’ clubs and private houses across the UK, Europe and afar - from oil rigs in the North Sea to the British Embassy in Yemen.

Table Delivery

We can transport any sized snooker or pool tables anywhere within the UK and can also provide quotes for shipping overseas.

Table Dismantling

We offer a dismantling service where we will come to you and dismantle any sized or style snooker or pool table professionally for you.

Table Maintenance

Our maintenance support is ongoing, from the initial renovation to a contract if needed - our rates are based on the location and materials used. Service contracts can include monthly visits and we’re also available on emergency call out if needed.

All contracts are tailored to your needs, whether over one, two or five or more years and payments can be made by monthly standing order for your added convenience.

Table Reconditioning

If you have a seven to twelve foot snooker table that you are looking to sell then please contact us. We can find buyers quickly and also recondition a number of tables ourselves.